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Welcome to the 4th edition of Key Cutters magazine! Spring has finally sprung!

In November the completely redesigned Find a Locksmith app was launched. In this issue find out how you can get FREE adverting by getting listed on the app - there's no strings attached!

Many new cylinders have anti-bump features built into them but there are still a lot of homes that rely on standard budget cylinders that have little or no protection. The solution? Pickbuster! Head to page 8 to find out more.

If you're a locksmith or a key cutter looking for a durable, reliable and practical key cutting machine then look no further as CitySafe UK have launched their very own range of manual key cutting machines, and we the exclusive on them!

We're back with another social media guide! From page 12 you can find out how to set up a Google account and get your brand on Google+. If you haven't already subscribed, you can subscribe below to get the magazine emailed to you for free!

CKL Issue 10

Happy New Year from CKL and welcome to our 10th issue! Our very own expert, Martin Pink, is back with another step-by-step guide on the fantastic Handy Baby. You'll learn how to clone an ID46 chip using a low cost and reliable JMD46 Carbon Cloning Chip!

You'll also learn how to decode and cut both a Volvo HU56 Key and HU101 Lock using the Condor Mini. Both guides explain what to do if there's no key or key blade available - so you'll know what to do in any situation you're faced with!

This issue also sees the return 'Ask the Expert'! This month Martin gives his advice and opinions on the different tools available for VW Audi Group.

Finally, we're pleased to announce that our brand new 'Find a Locksmith' app has launched! You can find out more about the app, how it's being advertised and how you can get listed on it for FREE!


Welcome to the 3rd issue of Key Cutters magazine! Days are getting shorter and leaves are falling off the tress. This can only mean one thing – autumn! As we keep mentioning it’s more important than ever to diversify the products and services you supply in order to stay ahead of competition. One way you can do this is by offering window security – as in the autumn and winter months there’s a 25% spike in home burglaries!

We were asked by you, the readers to provide a ‘Which? Style’ key cutting machine comparison guide, and on from page 24 we take you through some of the most popular machines on the market to help you decide which the best is for you and your business.

There’s also the second part of our social media guide as well as articles from CitySafe and Roy Dovaston! If you haven’t already subscribed, you can subscribe below to get the magazine sent to you for free!