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In this edition of Cars, Keys & Locks we will be sharing with you the second part of our VAG locks guide. You’ll find more material relating to the new 2015 VAG locks, with even more picture how to guides and more detailed explanations on picking and identifying the locks.

We have also included the first part of our extensive guide to using the latest technology in transponder reading, creating and cloning – Tango. The latest innovation from Keyline, the glass transponder chip, is explained in full from how they are made, to how they work and what their cloning capability is.


In this edition we cover VAG vehicles comprehensively with a how to guide from Martin Pink, and the solution to making keys for VAG 2001-2003 vehicles using SuperVAG from Richard Bunn. This reflects the popularity of these cars in the market, with more guides on the new 2015 VAG locks to come in edition 2.

We go in depth on the solution to keyless car access, and Keyline take you through the history of Megamos and the challenges they faced and how they got around it. In our ‘On the Bench’ section Chris Belcher also tells you all about the ins and outs of lock bumping.