Month: March 2017


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Electronic Key Cutting Machine
Electronic Automotive Code Cutting from the Beginning: Chapter 2

By Massimo Bianchi Chapter Two: The Creation and Progression of the Electronic Key Cutting Machine When Camillo and I started designing the concept for an electronic key machine to generate car keys by code back in 1987, computer technology was still not accessible for key machine manufacturers. The First Challenges We created a software model to include all the depths and spaces of all the car key codes and models on the globe; however, we still had to reduce the…

Car Key Code Cutting Tools
Electronic Automotive Code Cutting from the Beginning: Chapter 1

By Massimo Bianchi Chapter One: The First Car Key Code Cutting Tools and the Inspiration Behind Electronic Key Machines With both my age and locksmithing experience becoming more noticeably lengthy; though I could, I won’t take you too far back in time. The Beginning of Cut to Code When I started working for Eddie and Ted Aldridge in London back in 1978, the ‘Car Key Code Cutting’ concept was still medieval. I remember trying to tailor a key machine, the…

Mileage Correction
SuperVAG: Mileage Correction, via the Clockset, on an Audi TT, 2008 Model

By Martin Pink We need to do mileage correction on a number of occasions; after a module change and clockset change. This is a simple process using SuperVAG, via the clockset, and using the NEC lead on the bench. For this example I am using a 2008, Audi TT. Begin by correctly connecting SuperVAG to the NEC lead and its power supply. Then connect the NEC lead to the clockset and to the computer. We are now ready to begin.…

Programming a Key to a 2012 VW Polo, NEC Clockset, using SuperVAG and Tango

By Martin Pink With VAG group vehicles from 2009 (vehicles with precoded component security) it is not possible to do replacement keys via OBD when all keys are lost; in these situations the safest solution is to remove the clocks and program new keys to them on the bench. Removing clocks is simple; you just undo 2 torx screws and unplug the NEC plug, then lift out the unit being careful not to drop it. We don’t need to risk…

SuperVAG Mileage Correction
SuperVAG: Mileage Correction, via OBD, on Models Pre-2008

By Martin Pink On models made before the introduction of precoded component security and the need to use service mode, mileage correction can be carried out on the clock unit via OBD. The procedure is straight forward and takes just a few minutes to complete. Conditions for mileage correction: Ensure the battery has 12v, if it doesn’t add a booster pack (remember it’s good practice to always use a booster pack on VAG vehicles.) Equipment needed: Programmed key SuperVAG, laptop…

Programming a Golf MK4 Using SuperVAG, Via OBD

By Martin Pink Here we look at the process of programming a VW Golf MK4, using SuperVAG, via OBD. This guide takes you step by step through the process of coding a key to a non canbus vehicle. The procedure is the same for all VW, Audi, Skoda and Seat models, via OBD, on all models before the use of precoded component security. On most models this began in 2008, but some Audi models used this precoded component security on…