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Lock Bumping
Recognising Lock Bumping

By Chris Belcher It has often been said that lock bumping is difficult to detect without the use of special equipment. With the help of this guide, locksmiths who have to deal with these situations should be able to determine with reasonable accuracy, if indeed a cylinder has been damaged due to lock bumping, using just the naked eye, and a few common tools. There have been over the years, misconceptions of how the mechanics of bumping works. This article…

The Ins and Outs of Lock Bumping

The main point to note with all forms of lock bumping, including bumping with electric and manual pick guns is that the pins do not separate before the bottom pins reach the shear line. In lock bumping there are two main constants:  1] The length of the lower pins: This determines how much time the top pins spend crossing the shear line between the cylinder plug and the cylinder housing. 2] Manufacturing inaccuracies: Like with picking this causes one or…