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Tango Key Maker Function

By Richard BunnA Fiat 500 cannot be by OBD when no keys are available (in an all keys lost scenario). Fiat 500 (from 2008 until 2012) – Tango Key Maker So what is a Key Maker function? This is the terminology used by Tango which describes the function of creating a new transponder key by manipulating data which has been extracted from a vehicles ECU. This data is found from either reading the EEPROM or the Microcontroller. Therefore if you have…

Tango Transponder Programmer
Let’s do the Tango – How to use Tango Transponder Programmer Part 1

By Richard Bunn The Tango Transponder Programmer is the latest device that allows a user to read, write and manipulate a wide range of transponders. This cutting edge technology offers a huge and FREE library of Eeprom ‘key maker’ functions to be used by the more advanced user, and this range can even be extended further with a low cost upgrade for which ever vehicle you are working on. Here are some of the functions of Tango; from the basics to…