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The 8 Cut Jaguar Tibbe Lock
8 Cut Tibbe

By Martin Pink 

Getting an Accurate Decode with the Genuine Lishi 8 cut Tibbe tool.


The Genuine Lishi 8 cut Tibbe decoding tool is simplicity itself to use and you get an accurate decode every time with absolutely no skill or training required.

The Lock only uses 3 key heights and 8 positions.

The lock does not need to be picked at all in order to swiftly decode and direct read the key cuts in the 8 cut Tibbe lock; it is a simple direct decode that takes around 30 seconds to complete.

The procedure is simple:


Begin by fully inserting the tool into the lock and remove the disc holding pin.


Move each disc in the opening direction to their full stop position.


Then simply read the turners positions from left to right in (like in the image) from bow to tip. The key clearly reads as: 32233213.

Simply cut a key to this code and it will work perfectly in the lock.

For those that also want to use the tool as a pick, it is a simple procedure with just 1 extra step.

Once you have moved all the lifters to their full stop position simply apply light tension in the opening direction. Gently move each number 2 cut and each number 1 cut position turner back a fraction and the lock will turn and open.


This is one of those tools that simply works without picking skills being needed; it does the job in seconds.

NB: In the USA some very old versions and some aftermarket versions of this lock come in full chrome lock sets. The tool does require skill to pick and decode these, and they must be picked then decoded; but this is only on the full chrome handles and lock housing  – all of the colour coded housings as seen in this guide is a straight forward decode and read.