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Decoding and Copying the SX9 Key on the Ninja Laser
Ninja Laser

By Martin Pink

Decoding and Copying an SX9 Key on a Ninja Laser Electronic Cutting Machine using the SX9 Adaptor.

For many years now decoding SX9 keys has been problematic and cutting them has been tricky.

The SX9 adaptor for the Ninja laser has simplified decoding and cutting these keys massively, making the process much more accurate.


What will you need for the process?

  • The key to decode from
  • A Ninja Laser cutting machine
  • The Keyline SX9 adaptor


  • Firstly, select ‘key blanks’ from the Ninja Laser menu.


  • Select SX9 from the menu.
  • Select the series.
  • Select the decode option.


  • The Ninja then tells you it is jaw A and that the SX9 clamp is required.


  • Put the key to read in the SX9 clamp and secure it in place.
  • Select jaw A as instructed and fit the clamp and the key to the jaw.


  • Set the decode attachment in front of the blade for the decode.
  • Close the protective shield on the machine and then click ok.
  • Ensure any laser jaws are removed and then click ok – the machine will decode the side cuts.
  • Once the side cuts are decoded you will be told to rotate the clamp 90 degrees – do so and click ok.
  • The Ninja will now decode the side cuts.


  • The decoded key data will now appear on the screen ready for cutting – to do so select next on the bottom right of screen.
  • The new screen will appear confirming the jaw position and the key position.
  • Ensure the blank key is in the jaw and the decode reader is turned away so that the blade is ready to cut.
  • Click on cut.
  • You will be asked to ensure all laser jaws are removed; side 1 will then be cut.


  • Once side one is cut you will be asked to rotate the key 90 degrees.
  • Lift the shield and rotate the key 90 degrees – close the shield and then click ok – side 2 will now be cut.
  • You will again be asked to rotate the key 90 degrees and click ok – side 3 will now be cut.
  • You will be asked to rotate the key 90 degrees again and click ok.
  • Remove the key as it has now been copied perfectly.