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The Fiat SIP22 Lock

By Martin Pink 

Although mostly used on Fiat, the SIP22 Lock can also be found on a range of Peugeot and Citroen vehicles – which is why it has been included in this guide.

Picking the SIP22 Lock using the Lishi 2in1 Pick/ Decoder

The Fiat SIP22 lock is one of the simplest to pick and decode – it follows a basic picking principle, is a good positive feel and throws up no surprises at all.

It is an 8 wafer lock and in most cases all 8 wafers are found in the door lock; on a few early Punto models only 7 wafers are used and position 1 will be empty. The wafers use 4 cut heights which are clearly listed on the right of the tools grid.

The SIP22 lock has anti-picks but they are actually helpful when picking and defeating the lock. This is because the wafer remains solid until it is picked which is when a defined bounce (slap) is felt.

The pick is a single lifter design that decodes in the opposite direction to picking.

The lock has no proven picking sequence, so it is a matter of locating the binding wafer and picking it. Only light tension is needed and the lock has no preferred picking direction it picks simply in both directions.

Picking Process:

  1. Fully insert the tool into the SIP22 lock and apply a light tension.
  2. Slide the lifter under each position in turn.
  3. Lift each wafer, in turn, half a mm – if it moves at all leave it alone and move on.
  4. When a solid wafer is found, lift it, it will give a positive click. If it now moves leave it alone and move on but if it is still solid then lift it again – continue with this until movement is felt.
  5. Once each solid wafer is picked until moving – the lock will open.

It is a simple process of finding the binding wafer and picking it until it has a tight bounce (slapping). The only thing that complicates the picking of this lock is excessive tension as this binds the wafer so tight it is difficult to lift and will result in unnecessary damage and wear to your tool.

For the full picking process, please see edition 6 of CKL magazine, here!

Decoding Process:

As this tool is a single lifter we decode in the opposite direction to that in which we picked. It is a simple process; just follow the numbered line by lifting the lifter along the line until it stops, it will stop on a cut height numbered line from the grid on the right – read the number to decode the cut height.

For the full decoding process please click here!