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Genuine Lishi T3 Tools: The Next Generation of Picks and Decoders
Genuine Lishi T3 Tools

By Tradelocks

Stronger, sleeker tools with an easy to read grid and an anonymous product code, for your piece of mind.

We are extremely pleased to introduce the next generation of tools: Genuine Lishi T3.

The new tools are a completely different concept to their Nightvision predecessor. They are made with a high quality, titanium based coating, and with an anti-glare, matt black finish for the best performance possible. Genuine Lishi T3 tools have been made with strength and quality in mind to tackle the trickiest of locks, making them the perfect tool for the most professional locksmith.

Every aspect of their design has been researched and well thought out, from the materials used to the colour of their finish and even their coding. It took 4 years of dedicated tool development, trials and persistent testing to get them fit for purpose – but finally Genuine Lishi T3 is born.

Stronger and Smoother Picking

Using the most advanced coating technology the tools have been designed for the most committed professional. The coating is a mixture of the highest quality titanium and other precious metals, creating a durable and strong outer layer. Titanium as a material is known for its strength, which is why Genuine Lishi T3 picks and decoders are tougher than any other tools on the market. They are the perfect choice for older, trickier locks. Further to this, the outer layer has been designed to slide smoothly into a lock to create minimal friction when working – for even easier use.


Anti-Glare and Easy to Read

The pure, black, matt finish was chosen for its practicality and anti-glare properties.

Originally, plans adopted a gold titanium finish to the tools, but the idea was rejected as the gold showed up scratches and was too reflective – making it difficult to work with. A jet black tool, with a matt surface was the most practical idea and durable; and by adding a clear white grid, the information can be easily read.

Anonymous Coding

We listen to our customers, in all of the 25 countries we export to, and many expressed concerns over their own customers knowing what tools they were using, as picks are labelled and easily seen when a locksmith is working.

As a response to this, the T-code system, was introduced. Each tool is given a ‘T-code’ for example ‘T1’ or ‘T2’ and this, instead of the actual pick name, is engraved onto the tool. With only the grid and the T-code visible, it would be very difficult for anyone else to know what tool you are using.

Don’t worry, this won’t effect your work, as each Genuine Lishi T3 tool comes with a compact case which labels the lock and the T-code. So you will still easily be able to find which tool you need for a job!


Finally… Why T3?

T3 stands for Tough, Technically Advanced Tools.

In this industry your tools are as important as your skills, and auto locksmiths and security specialists need the best. T3 tools by Genuine Lishi are the most up to date picks and decoders on the market; they are sturdy, durable and deliver the absolute best performance.