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Keyline on Key Duplication and the Automotive Sector
Ninja Laser

By Massimo Bianchi 


When you think of any specialist within the automotive sector, it’s hard not to think of the speed and precision that goes into their work – with car key duplication being no exception.

Every Keyline solution to car key duplication has been developed with this in mind; from the cutting machines themselves, to their software, the graphics and each and every fixture.

Precision mechanics, sturdiness and ease of use characterise the Ninja Laser, an electronic machine developed around the real needs of the professional, and capable of guiding the user through each part of the key duplication process.


The Ninja Laser is capable of cutting automotive edge cut keys, laser keys and Tibbe keys by code, decode or depths. It combines two different technologies: a variable speed prismatic cutter and an end milling cutter.

The machine has been designed for all auto locksmith work places; from the shop floor or trade counter to the van when work onsite is required.

It’s simple to use and intuitive thanks to the integrated Liger software, completely developed by Keyline, which is distinguished by its ability to process every cutting system and receive online updates using just the console – which is equipped with a touch screen system.



The sequence for duplicating a car key using the machine is simple and can be done in just a few steps.

Once the machine has been connected to the display, you need to press the main power button at the top of the appliance. You’ll first see the welcome screen, followed by the user screen.

Login with your user account and access the MAIN MENU page.

There are three main stages to cut a car key:

  1. Key search by car MAKE and MODEL

From the MAIN MENU screen click on CARS and search for the MAKE of the car the key belongs to. After having selected the car MAKE, click on NEXT to get to the MODEL screen. Select the model and click on NEXT – select the year and click on NEXT.

  1. Bitting entry

If you have the key code, click on CODES, enter the code and click on NEXT. A preview of the key is displayed.

Alternately, if you have the original key, it is possible to proceed with the decoding process. Click on DECODE and follow the on-screen instructions to position the original key into the jaw, click on NEXT and follow the instructions through a series of messages.

Once finished the original key is displayed. The Ninja Laser decoding process is accurate and in addition to using the information entered on the car model, it is executed by detecting the real depth of the key cuts.

  1. Cutting

With the key code ready, click NEXT to get to the cutting screen. The machine will ask you to enter the key blank as shown on the display. Click on CUT – the cutting process will start.

When the first side has been cut you will then be asked to turn the key 180 degrees to cut the other side.



To make things even quicker for the user, we have also made it so that the majority of laser keys available on the market can be cut using just one single clamping system. The AC jaw works in 2 positions; one for decoding and one for cutting and these can be easily interchanged using just a handle.

To decode using the AC jaw you simply follow the steps we have provided. To go to the cutting phase all you need to do is change the position of the jaw by turning the locking handle – it’s quick and simple.


Something else that cannot be overlooked is the how fast and easy we have made it to change the side-milling cutter. We have created a rapid cutter changing process so you don’t lose any time. All you have to do is push the tubular tool (included with the Ninja Laser) down from the upper park of the spindle in order to remove the fixing screw and extract the cutter.


It is both quick and easy to update the machines software as it can be done directly using the machine with the console. This is one feature we have paid particular attention to when developing the Liger software.


Last but not least, we cannot ignore the ordinary workings of the machine and the fact every professional can use it with complete autonomy. That is because it comes with a full maintenance kit as well as all the necessary instruments for complete and independent use.