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Keyline Smart Cloning

By Tradelocks

The Keyline 884 Decryptor Mini is in our opinion, quite simply, the easiest to use cloning machine on the market. It is so easy to use that anyone can be up and running and cloning in a matter of minutes.

The 884 Decryptor Mini will recognise any key to be cloned and start the process automatically. You don’t need any detailed transponder chip knowledge; you don’t need to be an experienced locksmith, this ‘smart cloner’ does all the complicted stuff for you – instantly and simply. And we agree it is the simplicity of the smart cloning system that is at the heart of this incredible product.

The cloning intelligence does not stop at the key cloning machine either; Keyline’s smart cloning system gives you choice – so you can clone a key however you choose.

Clone it your Way

The 884 Decryptor Mini offers a range of options for cloning, giving you the power to clone it your way!

You can now choose between using an electronic head with horseshoe, or use the new GK100 universal glass chip and a pod key.

The TK100 Electronic Head or GK100 Glass Chip are a universal solution covering 4C, 4D and ID46, and they save you time, space and hassle; the quality of these products means you get no transponder loss of power, decreasing your call backs and consequently boosting  your reputation.

When we say quick, we mean it – the recent IT investment by Keyline has brought the complete cloning time down to under 2 minutes.

Here is what Keyline’s smart cloning solutions offer:


  • The newly launched ID48 GKM glass chip gives you quick, easy and reliable cloning of all can and non can bus Megamos ID48.
  • The TK50 electronic head can be used on all Keyline cloning machines and covers Philips Crypto Transponder chips.
  • For economical and reliable cloning you can use the superb TK24 glass chip which clones all 4C chips.
  • Ford remote keys – both Tibbe and HU101 keyways are available on all Keyline cloners. These brilliant remotes offer a low cost and reliable Ford remote solution. Simply clone the chip and then finish the remote using a manual process and hey presto, a unique solution for Ford.
  • Ford 4C chip solution with the TK23 electronic head for Ford and Tibbe Horseshoe generate revolutionary Emergency and low cost keys for BMW, VOLVO, Nissan and Toyota.
  • And the Ultegra Smart Cloner uses the RK60 to produce high quality Remotes covering Alfa Romeo, Citroen, Dacia, Fiat, Ford Ka, Lancia, Nissan, Peugeot, Renault and Vauxhall.


Brand New Features


  • The 884 Decryptor Mini now includes a ‘clone to process’ feature which means even if you have disconnected from the server the cloning process will continue and you will even receive an email when the key is ready.
  • The clone auto-connect function will always remember where you are in the cloning process, even if your phone stops half way through. So, when you reconnect you don’t have to start it all over again.
  • Keyline Multi Clone is the new icon multiple key option which will allow you to start a new key whilst you are waiting for another one to finish – so you can save time and make more money.


The Xtreme Solution to Car Key Cloning

Keyline is known for their development of pioneering products that can completely change the way locksmiths work. The Megamos Crypto cloning kit had already revolutionised key cloning with the world’s first ID48 cloning system – the only system with the ability to clone the VW ID48 chip.

But Keyline has taken things a step further, the first solution available worldwide to clone ALL Megamos® Crypto Transponder Keys (ID48) with TKM heads and with an average cloning speed of just 2 minutes.

What does the TKM. XTREME offer? In just one update the Xtreme offers a complete and unlimited service, with no need for a diagnostic tools, tokens, codes or anything else.

The cloning process can be started simply by inserting into your device the TKM. Xtreme electronic head, which can subsequently be resued as a standard new head.

The extraordinary performance of this software considerably widens the range of action of the 884 Decryptor Mini! It has proven to increase business by up to 20-30%.