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Picking and Decoding a 2013 Citroen Berlingo

By Martin Pink

Picking and Decoding a 2013 Citroen Berlingo Lock with a Genuine Lishi 3in1 Pick and Decoder. 

You will need the latest version of the Genuine Lishi VA2 3in1 tool for the job. The facecap and lock have more recently been modified by the main dealer; the latest version of the tool has been altered to deal with these changes in the lock, where the earlier versions will not get a full insertion and would need the shoulder cutting back to fit properly.

The new lock is still 4 wafer positions and 6 heights on key series ABCDEF.

We begin by centring our pick arm and fully inserting the tool into the lock, ensuring a wafer is cleanly felt in position 1 and in position 6 – this confirms full entry. Once the tool has been inserted we apply a medium tension to the lifting arm in the clockwise direction and then we are ready to begin picking. Feel each position gently; any wafers with any movement at all should be left alone – we only pick solid binding wafers.

Picking Process


  • Position 1 is the 1st to bind and then pick.


  • Position 2 is the next to bind and pick.


  • Position 3 is the next to bind and pick.


  • Position 4 is the next to bind and pick.


  • Position 5 is the next to bind and pick.


  • Position 6 is the next to bind and pick.


Position 1 binds and picks again and the lock opens.

We must now hold the lock in the open position to decode.

Decoding Process

As a single lift tool we must decode in the opposite direction then we picked in – so holding the lock in the open position we begin the decode.


  • Position 1 decodes as a C cut.


  • Position 2 decodes as an A key cut.


  • Position 3 decodes as an E cut.


  • Position 4 Decodes as a B cut.


  • Position 5 decodes as an A cut.


  • Position 6 decodes as an E cut.

The decode is complete and gives us a key, in positions 1 to 6, bow to tip, of CAEBAE (the manufacturers code would be reversed as EABEAC).

We enter the cuts in the key machine and cut our key to a KeyDIY VA2 key blade.