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Programming keys to a Renault Modus using Truecode

By Martin Pink
The modus uses both 2 and 3 button keys and with Truecode we can configure the car to work with whichever key type our customer or ourselves wish. I.e. whether they want a separate boot button or not.


  • We must first locate the OBD plug on the car; on the Modus it is beneath the centre console as pictured. Once we’ve located the OBD plug, we must connect our Truecode device and laptop to it, fully.



2. Once the laptop, Truecode and dongle are connected (USB dongle must be connected too); we then open the Truecode program and select Renault key programming.

3. The Renault program opens up on the laptop. From the drop down menu we select Modus ‘2004 to 2012 normal key.’

4. The software screen prompts you to ensure the ignition is off and the key is removed. We can see from the screen that the car has 1 key coded to it; the pin code is read and displayed on the screen.

5. In this case click ‘ok,’ then click ‘connect to selected vehicle box.’ Truecode will open comms to the car. The vehicle is configured for a 3 button remote; we change this and configure it to a 2 button if we choose. Connect to the ECU and read the pin code and key details stored in the car remote; we can do this from the special functions tab.

6. Click the start program tab and a pop up screen will appear confirming that the pin code has been accepted and to switch the ignition on to position 2. The key has already been programmed so the screen asks if the red light is on or off. Click ok.

7. The screen will change and confirm that the first key is correctly programmed; it also confirms that only 1 key is programmed to start the car and displays that keys unique ID in slot 1. It then confirms slots 2 to 4 are empty. You will then be asked if you wish to program more keys – if you select no the session will close  – in this example we will select yes as want to code in a second key.

8. You are then instructed to remove the first key, insert the next key and switch the ignition on. Do this and click ok. You are again asked if the security light is on, flashing, or off. Select and follow the menu.

9. The screen will confirm operation is successful – click ok. The screen will change and confirm both keys ID and you will be asked if you want to code in another key. In this case we select no and the program closes – if adding a third key select yes and follow the screen prompts.

10. We now check that the red light goes out and the engine starts on both keys; we check remote functions work and then the job is complete and the car now has 2 keys only and any additional keys not present are deleted from the system.

This entire process takes no more than a few minutes from start to finish – it is as simple as following a menu.