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The Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi (884 Mini)
Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi

By Massimo Bianchi

The Perfect Union of Simplicity and Innovation

Michele Miscio is a locksmith from Milan who runs a shop in Via Gluck, a street which was made famous by the sixties song, ‘The Boys of Via Gluck’ by Adriano Celentano. The House of Keys is Michele’s key cutting shop – which is fully dedicated to vehicles. Car and motorbike riders alike can pull up right outside to have a key duplicated in a matter of minutes, something Michele is truly a specialist in…


He says, “I decided to specialise in vehicle keys here in Milan because no one else has had this idea! After becoming a locksmith I decided to focus soley on vehicle keys because of their profitability and quick returns. It wasn’t easy – I had to build my experience and sharpen my abilities through transponder cloning and programming. But, my hard work has prevailed as these days i’m recieving at least 5 calls a day from people who have tried every other key cutter in town and had no success; and often I have a line of customers reaching the door of my shop!

“I store each and every car and motorcycle key, from the old Fiat 500 of 1959 and the Harley Davidson Fat Bob of 1979, to the key of the latest vehicle on the market. However, my professional life changed dramatically last November when Keyline launched their solution to the Megamos transponder – which is embedded in most of the Fiat and VW-Audi car keys of the last 15 years – at least. I was already a happy owner of a Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi (884 Mini) and so I simply upgraded my tool with the TKM.Xtreme software which gave me immediate access to the new world of ID48 cloning solutions, in just one update. I can now go to the street and access a vehicle to program a key or a remote control, whilst my partner in the shop clones, with no effort, THREE Megamos keys with the Keyline TKM.Xtreme! This has virtually tripled my income for transponder keys when compared to the same quarter of last year. This was also made possible by the massive amount of advertising and promoting I have done through my shop since the TKM.xtreme was released.”


Almost one year has passed since the Smart Cloner 90 Wi-Fi (884 Mini) has been launched and it has proven itself to be one of the most revolutionary transponder key cloning tools of the last ten years. Not only for the non-stop technological developments that characterise it, but also for its great versatility in use and configuration. For instance, it is possible to clone a key directly from the vehicle using a smartphone or tablet, simply and in just minutes.

Every specialist can clone about 95% of car, motorcycle and truck keys, that circulate today on the streets and all over the world. With a success rate of almost 100% and the possibility to choose the type of transponder solution you want to clone the key – either an electronic head or a glass chip. With the recent introduction of GK100 and GKM glass chips, every specialist can clone Philips® Crypto (ID46), Texas® Crypto (4D) and Texas® fixed code (4C) transponders and keys with the Megamos® Crypto (ID48) and Megamos® fixed code transponders.

Michele is a good example of how the innovative technology developed by a company like Keyline can be put at profitable work by a specialist key cutter, who is clearly very fond of his job!