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SuperVAG: Mileage Correction, via the Clockset, on an Audi TT, 2008 Model
Mileage Correction

By Martin Pink

We need to do mileage correction on a number of occasions; after a module change and clockset change.

This is a simple process using SuperVAG, via the clockset, and using the NEC lead on the bench.

For this example I am using a 2008, Audi TT.

Begin by correctly connecting SuperVAG to the NEC lead and its power supply. Then connect the NEC lead to the clockset and to the computer.

We are now ready to begin.

In this example I am using a clockset that shows as having 27208 miles to it.

  • Select the tool icon on your laptop.
  • Select dashboard.
  • Select mileage correction.
  • Confirm the NEC lead is attached.
  • Switch the ignition to 0 – click ok.
  • Connect the pogo pin to the correct pad.
  • Connect the pogo pin to the correct pad; switch the ignition switch on and click ok.

  • Release the pogo pin and then you will be asked to confirm if the handbrake light is illuminated. Select yes if this is the case.
  • You will then be told to switch the ignition off and on.
  • The mileage in SuperVAG is shown in km and not miles, select the new value in km. In this example I’ve selected 2345 km and clicked yes.
  • SuperVAG begins work; you can watch the progress on the right hand side of the screen.
  • You will then get a confirmation that the writing is complete and the new mileage will be displayed in km.
  • You can now see that the clockset displays the mileage of 1457 miles (which is 2345 km) correctly and the operation is complete. The clocks can now be refitted to the vehicle.Want to know more about the SuperVAG Tool? Check out earlier edition 4 of CKL to see the very special feature from the creators of the tool themselves. For the full installation guide go to: