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Let’s do the Tango – How to use Tango Transponder Programmer Part 1
Tango Transponder Programmer

By Richard Bunn

The Tango Transponder Programmer is the latest device that allows a user to read, write and manipulate a wide range of transponders. This cutting edge technology offers a huge and FREE library of Eeprom ‘key maker’ functions to be used by the more advanced user, and this range can even be extended further with a low cost upgrade for which ever vehicle you are working on.

Here are some of the functions of Tango; from the basics to more advanced operations:


Tango software comes loaded onto a memory stick. The product runs from a USB lead which plugs into your laptop/PC.

Step 1)

Load (copy & paste) all the files from the Tango USB stick onto your laptop/PC.

Step 2)

Before you continue any further with the installation you must switch off the ‘driver enforcement’ function on your operating system (this applies to systems such as Windows 8 or any other software whereby the drivers are not signed in). To do this go to ‘settings’ and complete the following instructions:


Press and hold the ‘windows’ key (shown below) on your keyboard and press the ‘C ‘ key to open the charm menu. Click the gear icon labelled ‘settings.’


Select ‘change PC settings.’


Select ‘update and recovery.’


Under the ‘recovery’ option click ‘restart now,’ which you will see under ‘advanced startup.’


After the restart, choose the ‘troubleshoot’ icon.


Select ‘advanced options.


Under advanced options select ‘startup settings.’


For the final time press the ‘restart’ button.


Finally, press the function key F7. After your computer has restarted you should then run the Tango installation exe.

Step 3)

Once successfully installed you should see the Tango unit’s main screen.

The Basics


  • This is the auto-detect read function on Tango. If you are unsure which type of transponder you have then this should be your starting point.




  • Under ‘transponder type’ there is a comprehensive drop down box which allows you to manually select the transponder you wish to read. The below image demonstrates all the transponder pages available on an ID48 Megamos transponder.




  • The ‘read’ page will find all the available pages on the transponder.


NOTE: crypto key pages and/or password pages are write only; therefore you will never see a display of HEX values.


  • This icon is called the ‘clone machine’, and will allow standalone cloning of ALL ID4D transponders (prior to the 80bit versions). You can also clone ID46, however you need to purchase and attach the JMA TPH cloner to your Tango Transponder Programmer for this operation.


MONEY SAVING TIP: By using Tango Transponder Programmer, you can make standard Megamos ID48 transponders (circa £3.00) into ANY type of VAG Canbus transponder (circa £6.00) using the special Tango function.