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Unlocked: The ABS Opening Tool Explained
ABS Opening Tool

Tradelocks introduce the semi-destructive opening tool which specifically tackles the ABS 3* cylinder. Although the ABS Opening Tool does snap some of the pins inside the cylinder, if used correctly, the original key should still work once the cylinder has been defeated – leaving almost no trace of entry.

No prior knowledge of locks is required to use the tool and it can be mastered by even beginners in a matter of minutes. The method of opening the lock is based partly on impressioning pins and partly on the destruction of resistant pins.

How to use the ABS Opening Tool (Not manufactured by ABS)

  • Find the magnetic pin:

The ABS lock uses a dimple style keyway which has 5 pin chambers lined in a row – the pins have a ‘pin in pin’ arrangement. The height of the keyway is around 2.5mm, and the gap at the top right of the pin is in excess of 5mm, making quite a large hole to insert picks and other tools.

Of the 5 pin stacks, one of them has a magnetic pin which lifts upwards when the key, with the correct magnet position is inserted.

To use the ABS Opening Tool, the position of the magnetic pin must be located in the cylinder. This can be done either by eye or by using a simple diamond pick, or hook. It involves pushing each pin out of the way one at a time until the correct position is found.

Once the magnetic pin has been located, the key can be made up.


  • Create the key by choosing the corresponding blade and foam pieces:


Next, the correct blade must be chosen; there are 5 in total, 1 for each magnetic pin position. The relevant foam piece for the blade must also be chosen and there are different sizes depending where the pins will be sitting. The pieces must be placed into the blade profile using the included tweezers, to allow it to lift the pins.

  • Insert the blade (with foam pieces in place) into the lock

The blade replicates the key; so when you insert it into the lock, the magnet will rise up. The remaining 4 pin stacks will settle into the foam and some will open.

Once the blade has been inserted into the lock, the ABS Opening Tool (not manufactured by ABS) can now be used by being slotted onto the blade and tightened.


  • Slot the T Torsion Bar onto the blade and apply pressure to the cylinder


Use the opening tool to weaken the pins by slowly applying pressure to each side of the T Torsion Bar, slowly rocking it from side to side until the lock opens. Once unlocked, the original key should still work in the cylinder!

This tool is not manufactured by the makers of the ABS Cylinder or any company associated with the ABS Cylinder.