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The Ninja Laser
Ninja Laser

By Massimo Bianchi

The Strength of a Lion, the Beauty of a Tiger…

Liger Software and the Ninja Laser

When it comes to key cutting and cloning within the automotive sector; calculation, speed as well as key cutting precision is all very important. The mechanics have particular importance, but it doesn’t hurt to have attractively designed software with graphics that appease the eye.
The need for a high-precision, electronic machine for the automotive sector has grown over the years, as more and more specialists
have started to consider key duplicating in order to offer customers a more complete service.

With this, the idea of having a compact electronic key cutting machine for car keys was born. It needed to be easily transportable, and combine both the mechanics and the software needed to give results that weren’t commonly seen on the market. What we wanted to create was a machine that could cut a key, simply, by code and within a few seconds.

The Ninja concept represents the base of the Ninja series – a family of key cutting machines made for success. This is where the project started, the result – the electronic key cutting machine known as Ninja Laser.

To get the most efficiency, flexibility of use and precision we put a variable speed, circular blade and an end mill for the laser (track) keys. As a result, the Ninja Laser has become a powerful station to cut standard
keys, laser keys, Tibbe keys by code and decode.

We also introduced a clamp (model AC) that can hold a wide range of laser keys currently on the market – all with just the one accessory. It meant there was no need to remove the clamp – making it even simpler to use.

We then added a pioneering electronic component, which was made possible as a result of the extensive research we carry out. Our designers and developers created software that is dedicated to the key cutting
process and that gets the best performance from our machines. We call it Liger, in honor of the biggest existing feline.

Liger Keyline combines the strength of the lion and the beauty of the tiger, because it can manage complex procedures through a graphic interface, which makes everything easier and more likeable from an aesthetical point of view. But today speed is also needed; Liger software is fast without compromising its elegance.

The lion and the tiger were born for this.