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The Renault NE72

By Martin Pink

The Renault NE72 Lock is used on the majority of the Renault range prior to key cards; such as Megane, Clio, Renault traffic vans, the Vauxhall Vivaro and Nissan Primastar relatives. It was also used by Peugeot amongst others.

Single Sided, Single Lifter 2in1 Lishi Tool:

It has always been a headache for auto locksmiths to strip Renault NE72 lock down as it is a time consuming and awkward job. This new tool is a welcome addition to the Lishi 2in1 family and has drastically simplified picking and decoding this lock. In fact I tested the sample on my own 2007 Vauxhall Vivaro van and found it to be amazingly easy to use and extremely accurate on the decode – the first time I used this on my own van it took 1 minute.
I have found the Renault NE72 tool to be the easiest of the range to use, with a 100% decode record on all 22 vehicles it was tested on. There are two Renault NE72 Lishi 2in1 picks available; one clockwise version and one anti-clockwise version. The clockwise version is for models such as Vivaro, for the lock on the driver’s door, and the anti-clockwise version is for models such as Megane.


The Renault NE72 lock is a 6 pin, pin tumbler lock. The later versions use wafers and the tool picks both equally as well. Both only pick one way – upwards as a standard rim cylinder does. Some models are fitted with a clutch, these differ from year to year – later models being far lighter than earlier models – so sticking to a light tension is essential as with any clutched auto lock.

For the full article with picking instructions see edition 3 of CKL.