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The VA2 Lock

By Martin Pink

Picking and Decoding the VA2 Lock using the Lishi 2in1 Pick/ Decoder

The VA2 lock has been widely used by both Peugeot and Citroen and is considered one of the most basic locks to pick when using the Lishi 2in1 tool. 

The lock is a 6 wafer lock with 6 cut heights, some code software lists the cuts as 1 to 6 and other software lists them in letters A to F. The tool gives you the numbered height grid to the left and the alphabetical grid to the right to make things simple for both the user and the relevant code cutting equipment.

There is no confirmed and proven picking sequence for the VA2 lock and the lock shows no preferred picking direction. It prefers a light to medium tension and it is generally a very straight forward pick and decode that throws up no surprises.

(Note: If you are a learner within the trade then this is an ideal lock to learn Lishi picking on.)

Picking Process:

The lock gives a very positive feel which makes it perfect to pick following the traditional picking technique of finding the binding wafer and simply picking it. Tickle each wafer in turn, if it moves leave it alone, if it binds then pick it. Once each binding wafer is picked the lock will open. On average the VA2 lock can be picked in under a minute.

For the full picking guide please see CKL issue 6, here! 

Decoding Process:

To decode you simply hold the lock in the picked position and as it is a single lifter we decode in the opposite direction to that which we picked in.

Click here for the full decode guide. 

The VA2/ VA6 lock, using the 1234Q5678H series is another lock used by these two makes and can be found on the likes of the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 107.

To see the full guide for picking and decoding the VA2/ VA6 lock using the 1234Q5678H series, with the Genuine Lishi 3in1 pick/ decoder take a look at our Renault guide in edition 3.

The full guide to site reading this lock has also been covered in edition 2’s ‘Ask the Expert’ Guide.