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The Tradelocks Roadshow!
Tradelocks Roadshow

By Tradelocks 

Following the success of their Open Day in August, Tradelocks is going on tour! The locksmith tool provider will be touring the UK with all their latest tools, products, deals and of course experts who will be meeting with customers across the country.

The Tradelocks Roadshow will be hosted in a different town each month giving customers from around the UK an opportunity to come along and see them, hassle free, without the travel.

Tradelocks MD, David Jennings says, “The Open Day was a great success and all of our products and deals were very well received as were the demonstrations we held. However, we know what a hassle it can be for many to travel up to see us for Open Days and make their way across the country for exhibitions. But, by doing these roadshows customers can come and speak to us, bag themselves some bargains and try out some of our products when we are in their neck of the woods – so everyone’s a winner!”

“What we will be doing is renting out some space in a local hotel with doors open to all locksmiths. We will be sending some of our very own experts who will bring along some of the latest products and innovations as well a range of tools we might be promoting or that of particular interest to customers at the time.”

The Tradelocks product range comprises of both auto and domestic tools and they supply for some of the biggest manufacturers in the industry, including Genuine Lishi, Keyline, Truecode, KeyDIY, Access Tools, SuperVAG, Tango, Chris Belcher tools and Petersons picks.

“There will be special deals available to those who attend and they will get a chance to speak to us one on one and try out our products themselves. Anyone who wants to make a purchase on the day can put in an order with us there and then and products will be delivered to them. As always our experts will be demonstrating the likes of the KD900 and our ‘Car Keys on your Phone’ add on and absolutely everyone can have a go on the fantastic Genuine Lishi tools.”

Tradelocks Roadshow is coming soon so keep an eye out for an event near you! For more information go to: