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Unlocked: Generating Remotes with the KD900

By Kevin Pritchard 

Brought to the locksmithing world by KeyDIY, the KD900 is a remote generator which can be used by garages, diagnostic centres, automotive locksmiths as well as key cutting centres. It is a standalone machine with the capability of producing 80% of car key remotes on the market and generating more than 100 types of transmitters; including transmitters for Audi, BMW, Ford, Honda, Hyundai, Kia, Mazda, Nissan, Subaru and Toyota.

We have put together a basic guide to get you started using the system:

How to use the KD900 Remote Generator

The KD900’s purpose is to generate remotes for vehicles; it is a very handy machine, very easy to use and very reasonably priced for what it does.

The system does multiple remotes which are all universal with the exception of one which is designed for Toyota.

It comes with 3 remotes, a bag of mixed blades, 2 cables for plugging in the circuit board and a USB which enables you to connect the machine to your computer for updates. We recommend updating your system as often as once a week as more remotes are always being added.

The machine is standalone and doesn’t need to be connected to a laptop to work, although if the battery is low it can be connected to run off the laptops power supply.

On your remote you have an outer shell which once opened contains a circuit board. To start with remove this circuit board as you will need to connect this to the KD900 to produce the remote.


Now we take one of the cables and plug it into the KD900 in the slot at the top of the machine and also into the circuit board.


The KD900 has many functions but we are going to select ‘generate remote.’ This will take you to a screen which lists the remotes that can be generated. The list is extensive and covers most of the vehicles currently on the road and KeyDIY are constantly working on updates to add even more vehicle coverage to the system – which is why we suggest you regularly connect to your PC and update.


For this example we will select a VW remote – you will see that there are multiple remote options for VW vehicles. You need to know which remote you want to generate. On the software, which can be installed onto your computer there are pictures of the remotes that can help you work out which one you need and once you click on the remote it will tell you what the frequency is and what the genuine part number is so you can see if it is the one you want.


Now you have a few options; the first being: ‘simulate remote.’ If you are unsure whether you have the right remote then you should simulate it; you can get up to 50 clicks out of a simulated remote before it runs out which will give you a chance to see if it works and is the correct one. If you make a remote and then realise it is the wrong one, you will need to reprogram it, and this could also cost you tokens if the remote uses them.

Note: Some remotes do use tokens but most are free to use (probably around 85%). If you do need more tokens they can easily be bought from Tradelocks and all you need to do is plug your KD900 into your laptop and recharge.

Once you are sure everything is working and correct you can make the remote by simply selecting ‘make remote.’


Now the remote has been made and has been checked so you can be confident it will work.

Disconnect the circuit board from the machine and put it back in its remote shell. Add a battery to the case and then put whatever blade you require in the top. Its recommended that you use a genuine KeyDIY blade with the remote.


You now have a 2 button remote for a VW vehicle.

Remember, each circuit board is rewritable so can be used again.