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In our last edition we covered Renault locks comprehensively, and this month we will be completing the guide with a picture how to on both Phase 2 and Phase 3 locks. Martin Pink takes us through the VAC102 ignition lock as well as programming using Truecode. SuperVAG have made a very special contribution this month with their technical guide covering both their new smart direct key programming and their solution to all key lost situations. As Tradelocks Open Day was postponed to Saturday 20th of August, you could still be in with a chance of meeting CKL writer and auto locksmith expert Martin Pink himself. If you are a fan of Martins how to guides or want to have your auto questions answered in person, then register for the event!


This edition will be focused on Renault Vehicles – with our ‘Part 1 to Tackling Renault Locks’ as well as how to decode and cut a Renault Modus key in the Keyline Ninja Laser – a key that uses this lock and series. The Renault NE72 lock is also covered in this month’s comprehensive, Renault, picture how to guide.

This months ‘On the Bench’ explains what brand new features the 884 Decryptor Mini now has to offer as well as Keyline’s new smart cloning solutions available to every locksmith.

The second part of our Tango guide is featured and explains the Tango keymaker function in detail. Plus, another incredible in-depth guide from Martin Pink on Securefast locks. Find out how to recognise, pick and decode them using the Tradelocks Securefast Impressioning Kit.


In this edition of Cars, Keys & Locks we will be sharing with you the second part of our VAG locks guide. You’ll find more material relating to the new 2015 VAG locks, with even more picture how to guides and more detailed explanations on picking and identifying the locks.

We have also included the first part of our extensive guide to using the latest technology in transponder reading, creating and cloning – Tango. The latest innovation from Keyline, the glass transponder chip, is explained in full from how they are made, to how they work and what their cloning capability is.